Case studies



Contextualization of digital messages on – December 2013

Objectives and challenges

  • Communicate with car drivers about the economic advantages of car sharing during the festive period (Christmas and New Year);
  • Increase traffic towards the BlaBlaCar site in order to develop the offer of free places over the festive season;
  • Increase awareness of the BlaBlaCar brand (branding).



Deployed solution

  • The DCO set up by ADventori enabled messages to be contextualized on the Mappy site and so personalize the offer according to the needs of each user.
  • The BlaBlaCar banner uses the search information of the journey and displays in real time the estimated savings from car-sharing. The user can thus compare the cost of the journey estimated by Mappy and the amount that can be saved by using BlaBlacar.
  • Post-click marketing is managed differently and is sent directly on BlaBlaCar, on a page pre-filled with this same information. It only remains to confirm publication of the journey.

Profits and results

  • The click rate on dynamic banners is 2.1 times greater than on banners that carry a generic message.
  • On further analysis, it can be seen that the greater the distance asked for, the more the click rate increases. Banners that display a price over long distances have even greater influence and push the click rate to 3.5. The saving displayed in the banner has therefore stimulated an additional interest which:
    • Wouldn’t have been the same with a generic message
    • Changes according to the data generated
  • Strategically, 2 lessons can be drawn from this information: Dynamic Display has a convincing impact on the campaign and its optimization could push the BlaBlacar customer to focus his search for a place only above a given distance.
  • Better ROI
  • Increase in internet user’s commitment
  • Improvement in brand awareness among the target group







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