Case studies

Renault: a new tool to work hand in hand with its extended dealership network


Renault, France’s leading automotive advertiser, is using digital communication as an integral part of its always-on corporate ad campaigns, complemented by promotional campaigns for both new and used vehicles.

Renault’s national headquarters is the impetus behind these digital campaigns, run in collaboration with the brand’s seven regional offices which manage more than 450 dealers throughout France (direct distributors and authorized dealers).

ADventori and Publicis—the Renault Group’s media agency for local communications—have worked together for 10 years on optimizing the Renault network’s digital campaigns. Over the years, ADventori has strengthened its position as a trusted partner for customized digital operations.

Publicis and ADventori have recently joined forces to design a platform to improve the level of customization available to Renault’s regional campaigns and ensure dealers are involved in deciding which vehicles to promote.

With this system, we can support our dealers 100%, and potential customers get to see our best offers. This new tool is another milestone in Renault’s support for its local network.

Emmanuel Kissy, Client Manager at Publicis for Renault’s Northern Region

Objectives and challenges

To support the sales activity of its local network, Renault has typically used a centralized model for its regional web-to-store campaigns. Under this model, its regional offices had free rein to contribute as they saw fit. Although these campaigns were localized in terms of the offers themselves and the point of sale, they did not include the “product offer” dimension.

Renault would like to go even further with its approach to customization, giving dealers more freedom and letting them decide which vehicle—whether new or used—to promote.

Our challenge was clear. How do we allow 450 dealers to each choose their models while keeping this part of a centralized campaign? How could we automate feeding offers into Renault’s display campaigns? And what was the best way to manage these campaigns across national headquarters, regional offices and Publicis?

ADventori—Renault and Publicis’ strategic partner—implemented a Product Management Platform (PMP) to address these questions.

This platform aims to make managing digital campaigns more fluid by involving local dealers more actively in their deployment. With ADventori’s PMP, dealers will now be able to choose which vehicles they wish to promote. Digital campaigns will be updated in real time, presenting each dealer with its choice of vehicles and providing consistency in corporate brand communication throughout France.

Our services

This ADventori and Publicis joint project was developed around various services including technology consulting, product development and organizational development. These services were provided by experts from ADventori’s Tech Lab:

1. Technology and product consulting

  • Client and agency insight, analysis, evaluation and requirements gathering
  • PMP technical recommendations specifically for Renault and in line with the media and creative requirements specified by Publicis
  • User journeys developed jointly with Publicis.

2. Operational implementation of the product in accordance with Renault’s organizational needs:

  • Workshops to define PMP customization rules
  • Integration of data feeds required for campaigns
  • Definition of key stages and communication modules (emails/alerts)
  • Definition of campaign statistics and report automation.

3. Organizational deployment:

  • RACI definition for each stakeholder
  • Integration of an administration and supervision interface for Publicis
  • Creation of tutorials and guides for using the PMP.

Our solutions

Publicis and ADventori worked together to create an easy-to-use platform that allows Renault dealers to feed display advertising campaigns in real time.

The Renault PMP includes a single interface that allows two use cases depending on the type of vehicle to be promoted: promotion of offers (for New Vehicles) and promotion of stocks (for New Vehicles and Used Vehicles).

For the promotion of offers, the interface consists of a micro-catalogue of promotional offers. The images and descriptions of these offers are updated by the National Headquarters via a spreadsheet. The Regional Directorate (RD) selects the offers they wish to promote. Each local manager can then choose whether to use these offers or promote other offers, for one or several dealers in their group. If the local manager does not make a choice, the offers of the RD will then be broadcast by default. When users click on an offer, they are taken to a landing page providing further details and a list of dealers near them.

For the promotion of stocks, the interface developed is connected to the feed of in-stock vehicles (new or used). Local managers can choose up, for one or several dealers in their group, to make a selection by applying filters and sorts on the products in its stock or manually selecting to ten vehicles to promote. If they choose the filter selection, the models they have filtered will be displayed randomly on the banner depending on the stock available. If they choose the manual selection, the selected models will be displayed directly on the banner. In both cases, managers are alerted if the number of vehicles in stock drops to zero during the campaign and can then select other vehicles to promote. This system guarantees that the vehicle displayed in the banner ad is available from stock. When users click on an offer, they are immediately presented with the vehicle’s details.

In terms of advertising needs, Renault’s Product Management Platform is supported by:

  • Connectivity to the ADventori ad server via Renault’s used vehicles API to ensure the feed of in-stock vehicles is updated automatically
  • Integration of technical specifications (list of dealers, list of offers for each model, etc.)
  • Associated DCO ads
  • Regular updates by ADventori to the spreadsheet containing the offer catalog feeding the interface
  • No changes to Publicis’ centralized media buying process to ensure it is not impacted by the implementation of the PMP.


The PMP developed by ADventori has resulted in:

  • The implementation of highly customized local campaigns leveraging national messaging while meeting local business needs
  • Optimized campaign launch processes
  • More autonomy and flexibility for dealers in terms of managing local digital campaigns
  • Since its implementation in June 2020, the PMP has become an essential tool for always-on campaigns (21 UV and 29 NV campaigns customized by dealers over the last six months)
  • An instant high take-up rate among dealers

We are saving valuable time at each campaign launch. We are completely free to choose which products appear in our banner ads.

Emmanuel Kissy, Client Manager at Publicis for Renault’s Northern Region