Case studies

Fiat 500 – Guerlain




Campaign launched by Fiat for St.Valentine’s day – February-March 2014


Create a BUZZ campaign around the launch of the new FIAT 500 Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire.






  • KR Media is organizing the media campaign alongside AGENCE ONE, responsible for the digital rollout. FIAT 500 and GUERLAIN devotees will be in on the details of this new model ahead of its launch. Once registered, they will be able to reserve their car or, better still, get one by setting a trap for their man!
  • Designed by ONE, with media buying by MEC (Group M) and powered by ADventori,the target sees ultra-personalized advertising banners carrying the photo of his companion on web sites he looks at.
  • The combination of this very creative scenario and the purchase of programmed space was made possible by ADventori’s technology, which enabled:
    • Reinsertion of each participant’s personal details into the ad.
    • Serving of personalised banners seen by the targeted internet user only.
    • Elimination of risk and legal problems: the personal information of each internet user is stored in the cookie specifically developed by ADventori: no data base is created and no information is retained. The data is stored in each user’s cookie and so remains their property which they can delete at any time.Despite the private content of each banner: everything is anonymous, the user’s private life is respected.




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Results and benefits

  • Click rate of 1.9%.
  • A pure branding campaign, in an experiential and innovative format, reflecting the two brands involved


Trap launching


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