Case studies – Business Case


  • Always-on campaigns – Acquisition and retargeting
  • Desktop and mobile web
  • Multi-variant testing on banner design and scenarios
  • Data used: browser navigation history, location, 1st party data (prices, routes, dates), wording and images, DMP data.
  • Internalisation of media buying by the digital team of (DV360)

Goal and issues, a major player in tourism in Europe and France’s leading e-commerce site, has used ADventori’s DCO ad serving technology to promote its hundreds of destinations while personalizing its advertising messages. The goal of this strategy is to deploy both a relevant message to the user and deliver a higher level of campaign performance for the advertiser.


  • Support transition from “product centric” to “audience-based” strategy
  • Rationalize creative production despite the multiplication of messages
  • Leverage real-time data of the brand
  • Test and optimize messages based on their performance (various KPIs)
  • Complete Trafficking and ad serving management
  • Data feeds organization
  • Real-time data export within Eulerian (DMP)


As part of this campaign, has put in place a one-to-one strategy based on its customer knowledge. By leveraging ADventori’s Creative Data-Driven technology, which is used to boost banner advertising in real time, the content of the ads adapts to the situation of each user.

Combining creation, data and business issues, was able to set up 45 campaign scenarios based on location data, 1st party data (routes, prices and dates) as well as 27 audiences from its DMP, Eulerian.

To support the brand on the missions entrusted to it, ADventori has set up the following support and advisory modules:

  • Dedicated on site consultant during the campaign set up
  • Development of a scenario matrix covering all strategies and audiences> 45 scenarios
  • Production of creative meta-templates, respecting the brand CI and connection to the advertiser’s data (DMP, API, site) and built to respond to every scenario impression
  • Campaign set up and annual monitoring of the always on campaign
  • Up to 10 AB tests conducted simultaneously and analyzed
  • Regular audits and optimization workshops

Exemple of scenario

Geolocation has inspired the main scenarios of the campaign. Depending on the position of the user, the message and the offer adapt to offer the nearest departure station, and a top of the possible destinations.

The message may also change depending on customer knowledge. Thus, an identified “young card” client owner that expires soon, was offered a renewal offer.    

It is 45 communication scenarios that has been set up and react  to both the condition of the user and business issues of the brand – yield, occupancy rate, sales targets on the station, availability of tickets, loyalty offers – among others.

OUIbot, the conversational bot of

On the occasion of the first anniversary of OUIbot, integrates its conversational agent, into an innovative digital campaign using ADventori’s Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology.

By integrating the bot directly into the banner, simplifies and personalizes the user’s conversion tunnel.

Once the user request is entered in the banner, the user is redirected to the site of the conversation robot (, with the history of his demand. He can continue his discussion and finalize the order of his journey in the environment of the brand.

This campaign is part of an “audience planning” strategy that allows to redirect all its messages through an adaptable and dynamic creative structure (DCO meta-template).

See the OUIbot campaign.

The ADventori Dynamic Meta-template creative structure 

The data-driven campaign ad serving requires advanced HTML5 technology. ADventori’s Creative Lab has deployed a creative meta-template that addresses both the need to make each element of the creative dynamic and connected to a data source, but also to respond to a scenario logic. A creative frame library has been created to assemble a relevant banner on the fly. The ADventori meta-template will allow to orchestrate and adapt the creatives in real time according to the exposed user. This creative structure allows the deployment of more than 400,000 dynamic message possibilities, in all the formats of the always on campaign.

5 frame sets to control:

  • 45 scenarios
  • 4 formats
  • 10 AB tests
  • 2 millions imp/day


  • Creative costs divided per 4
  • +30% performance of personalized ads vs non personalized
  • Time-to-launch reduced to 2 weeks from 1 month
  • Permanent learnings and Insights to qualify and improve creatives and audience segments
  • Optimization of the performance of each creative track thanks to AB tests deployed.

For this Audience Planning campaign, won three prices:

Gold Award for the 2019 Prospecting Device and Silver Award for Personalisation at #DataFestival2019