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Context in Europe: a very « personal » vision of programmatic advertising – december 2014

Objectives and challenges

Since one year, NetBooster has activated the strategic media buying of on Europe. It relies, among other things, on a campaign scheme based on personalization of the client path, allowing rationalization of campaign costs. Thanks to the ADventori’s DCO Technology, every European has benefited custom banners to its language, its departure and arrival cities, with offers perfectly consistent with its expectations.




Deployed solution

Connecting with the DMP (Data Management Platform), messages, scenarios, and centralized media buying (Acquisition and Retargeting): every brick of this scheme has been finely analyzed and optimized over a year of experience in order to deliver a campaign performance level never reached in, with of course, a complete anonymity of the users’ personal data.


  • CTR x 2,7 and until x4 depending profiles
  • Overall ROI of the campaign, all countries: +36%
  • Retargeting budget economy: 17 %
  • Post-Click acquisition cost divided per 3
  • Personalized banners: +88 millions of banners for retargeting and acquisition

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