Acquisition and retargeting campaign promoting Audi vehicules, contextualized on Leboncoin, La Centrale and Caradisiac websites.


  • Acquisition scenario: Depending on the user car search on the partner website, the banner displays a similar model of car by Audi.
  • Retargeting scenario: The banner displays the car seen by the user on Audi’s website. When clicking, redirection to the Audi car configurator.

Wordings differ according to the car models and scenarios.

Data used

  • Leboncoin, La Centrale and Caradisiac seach data
  • User’s navigation on publisher websites



Acquisition scenario: after searching « Mini Coutryman » on Caradisiac



Acquisition scenario after searching « Berline » on La Centrale




Retargeting scenario on after visiting the Audi Q3 page

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