Center Parcs

Campaign goal

Acquisition campaign highlighting all the Center Parcs offers.


A/B test of 2 scenarios

Real-time weather

  • The user’s city temperature & weather is compared to the temperature of the Center Parcs swimming pool: « While it’s 8° in Rennes, the Aqua Mundo’s water temperature is 29°”.
  • The offer is adapted to the user’s segment: family with baby, senior…

User’s location

  • The message is adapted to the distance between the user and the closest Center Parcs: “Get away with peace of mind, less than 2h from home!”
  • It personalised by using the user’s segment (family with baby, senior…) too: “Your Cottage with baby equipment from XX€”
In the 2 scenarios, the closest Center parc offer is displayed.

Data used

  • User’s location,
  • Weather,
  • Parks’ addresses
  • Price feed
  • 1st & 3rd party
  • Multi variant testing : CTA, wordings, scenarios









User’s location scenario – Seniors near Clermont-Ferrand
User’s location scenario – Tribe near Caen