Compagnie des Alpes


The “ Compagnie des Alpes ” (CDA) is a world leader in the ski resorts market and the n°4 of the European leisure destinations. Following the strategic advice of Performics, ADventori has been asked to propose a one-to-one personalized experience by contextualizing display campaigns of CDA’s French and Belgian leisure parks.

This campaign will be set up for leisure parks in France and Belgium: Parc Astérix, Grévin Paris, Walibi Rhône-Alpes, La Mer de Sable, France Miniature, Planète Sauvage, Walibi Belgium, Aqualibi and Bellewaerde.

These campaigns, launched in partnership with Radium One and Performics, are based on the real-time calculation of a new concept: The CDA score by park and for every internet user.



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Campaign goals

Acquisition and retargeting campaign.

The storytelling integrates a lot of possibilities of the DCO. The strategy is to personalize communication by using data to produce 100% dynamic banners.

Scenarios and data used

The CDA score by park is a Performics’ innovation. It predicts user conversion by activating disruptive business variables as: weather forecast, geographical distance, targeting data etc.

First results and perspectives

Since the launch of the campaign in March, the results are beyond CDA’s expectations : up to +15% to +100% depending on the parks since the beginning of the campaign and with an acceleration in May thanks to the self-learning model optimization with weeks up to +150% to 270%.

The “Compagnie des Alpes” vision is that personalized communication in real-time is not restricted to aim a short term acquisition. Another goal is to help the CDA parks to improve significantly their customer insight by trying to understand what are the key variables identified as critical in the buying decisions.












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