Campaign goals

  • Increase traffic in Dacia car dealerships
  • Optimisation of the conversion funnel


DCO Banners

  • Banners display 2 different cars, on 4 IAB formats + 1 native
  • Display the closest car dealership address.

Dynamic Landing Page

  • Header is adapted to the car model clicked in the banner.
  • Car dealerships order is displayed depending on the user’s location.
  • Several specific features : map, phone, booking a test drive…
  • Automatic lead transfer to the CRM

Data used

  • User’s location
  • Car dealership’s data : address, phone number…



Click on the images below to launch the videos

Native ads



Drive-to-store Dacia banners

After click, the user is redirected to a Dynamic Landing Page, adapted to the car model clicked and the user’s location.


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