Acquisition and retargeting campaign for easyJet’s winter sales.


> If it uses an Analect interest segment: it will display a specific message and the relevant destination.
> If the weather is bad at the user’s location: it will highlight the weather, and then displays a sunny destination.
> If the weather is good: it will display random top destination from the closest airport. 

After a flight research on the website : the destination is displayed in the banner, with the best price within +/- 4 days from the day searched.

Data Used

  • ADventori tag’s on easyjet website
  • Real-time price
  • Analect interest segments
  • User’s location / weather

Highlighting of the weather – Rain

Affinity segment Analect – Lanzarote

Retargeting – Rome

Highlighting of the weather – Snow

User’s location – Lyon

Retargeting – Venise