Campaign goals

  • Retargeting & Acquisition campaign – since 20th March 2014.
  • Attract the attention of the users who did not complete the rental process and display the most relevant offer.
  • International campaign : 5 campaigns / 7 languages / 10 countries
  • Display and Mobile


Scenario divided in 4 levels
  • Display a message/offer depending on the targeting.
  • Website abandonment without any search: displays the offer of the month.
  • Website abandonment after a search with dates and destinations: carousel displaying relevant cars with the right price.
  • Website abandonment after a car page visit: displays the car and the offer.
The languages and currency are automatically adapted in the banner.

Dynamic criteria

  • Display of the data according to the user’s path
  • Website data










Abandonment after results page 

German user searching for a car in Rome




Abandonment after results page

English user searching for a car in Lisbon airport






 Abandonment at the car visit level

 French user searching for a car in Marseille





 Abandonment at the car visit level

Portuguese user searching for a car in Berlin





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