Campaign goal

Contextualization campaign on the La Centrale website in order to promote car insurance offers according to the vehicle sought. 


When the user searches for a make and model of vehicle on the La Centrale website, he is exposed to a banner offering to insure the same make and model of car. The price of the GMF insurance offered adapts according to the vehicle sought. By clicking on the banner the user is then redirected to a landing page dedicated to the car model sought.

On the other hand, if the user selects a brand without a specific car model, then the banner will display only the brand of the vehicle. The price of GMF insurance will adapt to the search of the user.

In parallel the visual of the banner is displayed randomly between a visual of a man and a woman. 

Data used

▪ Wording and visuals

▪ Advertiser data: offer, price.

▪ Internet search

Search with targeted brand

and model (The Tiguan)

Search with brand and without

targeted model

Unmarked search
or targeted vehicle

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