Campaign goals

Rowenta, one of the famous SEB’s brand, launched a new air purifier Intense Pur AirTo promote it, Rowenta launched an acquisition and retargeting campaign using 2 scenarios : Web-to-Store and Brand Awareness.


2 scenarios are displayed for retargeting and acquisition campaign

  • Web-to-Store Scenario :
    Presentation of the product.
    Then displays the nearest Darty or Boulanger store selling it.
  • Brand Awareness Scenario :
    Presentation of the product with an air quality alert depending on the level pollution to trigger the prospect interest toward the product.
    Then invites him to discover it on the SEB website.

A multi-variant testing is set-up to test which of the 2 scenarios has the best impact.

Dynamic criteria

  • User’s location
  • Feed of Air pollution level
  • List of Darty and Boulanger retailers





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