Seat – Ventes Privées


Acquisition and retargeting campaign promoting Seat’s Private Sales and encouraging online registrations.


Acquisition scenario contextualized on Caradisiac: Based on the user’s search on Caradisiac, the banner displays a similar car model by Seat with its matching percentage of promotion.

Redirection to Seat’s Private Sales registration page.

Retargeting scenario: For users already registered on Seat’s Private Sales website, the banner displays a model of car seen by the user (same color and characteristics), its price and its percentage of promotion.

Redirection to the offer of the visited car on Seat’s Private Sales website.

Data used

  • Caradisiac search data
  • Advalo data
  • Cross-reference table of car models

Acquisition : Contextualisation of the offer after searching « Ford Focus 3 » on Caradisiac




Retargeting scenario after visiting the grey Toledo Premium’s page



Redirection to the offer of the visited car

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