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Year-end multi-product, multi-target, web and mobile digital communication campaign – Acquisition and retargeting.
  • Period: November – December 2014
  • Volume: More than 1 billion impressions
Two creative series for the two communication phases: “Warrior Days” and “Christmas”

Objectives and challenges

SFR runs its first 100% data-driven digital campaign.

The aim for SFR was to shift from a perspective of brand highlights, with every user being exposed to the same offers, to a one-on-one communication strategy. SFR elected to offer only the most relevant deals to its existing and prospective customers.
  • A commercial challenge for the brand: Changing its acquisition strategy at a key communication period was a bold, daring digital move.
  • A strategic challenge: What level of returns can creative-driven, data-based communications generate? Is this a structural strategy that should be permanently implemented?
  • A technological challenge: A 100% technological campaign, with two French ad tech firms (ADventori and Eulerian Technologies) at its center, expected to provide mutual compatibility that would be universally deployable on all digital levers.

Anatomy of the campaign

    • GroupM was in charge of global media buying for the campaign, on high-visibility general websites (Yahoo!, MSN, LeBonCoin, Le Monde, Figaro, Mappy, etc.), representing more than 1 billion page views.
    • Critéo handled the retargeting.
    • Agence Les Gaulois was responsible for the creative design of the Warrior Days and Christmas campaigns.
  • Eulerian Technologies made it possible to create audience segments corresponding to the different targets, and also fed data into those segments, by identifying user profiles:
    • Depending on the type of customer identified: ADSL or fiber optics, mobile, RED or Carré customers, or prospects;
    • According to the user’s centers of interest and level of engagement, assessed by means of behavioral data from their navigation on the website: visits to specific deals, smartphone product pages, or abandoned shopping carts;
    • Based on eligibility criteria for very-high-speed packages, to offer ADSL or fiber optics.
  • ADventori’s DCO solution at the heart of this system, covered the message personalization objectives for targets detected by SFR and ad-served the entire volume of campaign impressions.

20 data-driven campaign scenarios

For this new type of campaign, SFR had to revisit its classic design of a campaign brief in order to focus more on developing scenarios. It was no longer merely a matter of defining a target, but now of responding to clients’ and/or prospects’ needs. Since SFR had some knowledge of them, why keep sending them the same message? And, because digital technologies allowed it, SFR decided to take full advantage of what digital media had to offer: one-on-one relationships with its target audience. The 20 data-fueled campaign scenarios made it possible to define campaign messages by recipient: RED customer? BOX customer? RED customer, but not a BOX customer? Prospect eligible for fiber optics? And so on…

Examples of scenarios:

  • Based on SFR’s customer knowledge, users would be offered the right product or service, in order to generate up-sales.
  • In this way, when a [ RED / non-Box customer ] was identified, they would be served an ad for [ Box with fiber optics, if their location was covered ] or [ Carré 20 GB, if not ].
  • Prospect targets, whether visiting the SFR site or not, were also covered, with personalized messages based on their location (for fiber optics) or a discovery of SFR’s packages.
  • Geolocated data were essential to certain scenarios, particularly for the BOX package, offering ADSL if not covered by fiber optics or a specific message if newly covered.
  • 20 DCO campaign scenarios combining data and targets were rolled out, in 7 IAB formats and 5 rich formats including: MSN Masthead, YouTube, Yahoo!, Le Monde’s Parallaxe, skins and arches. This meant as many personalized banners as there were page views… in other words, more than a billion!

Eulerian Technologies’ Role

Eulerian Technologies was involved in three key stages of the campaign:

  • Quality data collection Thanks to the Eulerian Technologies Web Analytics solution, SFR was able to collect precise, reliable data related to its online advertising, its users’ navigation paths, and their customer history. In fact, Eulerian Analytics allowed SFR to cross-reference the data from each browser and each device (smartphone, tablet or computer), to adopt a people-based marketing strategy. Eulerian Technologies used those data to feed and update SFR’s database of contacts, hosted by ADventori.
  • Real-time data activation The Eulerian Real Time Data solution made it possible to create meaningful segments for SFR and identify the users exposed to the SFR brand in real time, in order to populate those different segments. By rolling out cookie synchronization with ADventori, Eulerian Technologies set up a real-time information transfer that enabled SFR to serve personalized messages, depending on the user’s profile.
  • Campaign performance analysis Eulerian Technologies also allowed SFR to monitor the campaign’s impact. All of the metrics were centralized in a dashboard within the Eulerian Analytics solution, providing for fast, efficient access to the information.

ADventori’s role

ADventori played a central role in the campaign.

  • With the advertiser SFR: for approval of the scenarios.
  • With the media agency: to ad-serve all of the different formats of banners.
  • With the creative agency: so that each scenario would match up with a pre-defined creation that completely aligned with the brand’s image and assets.
  • With Eulerian Technologies: for the translation of data exchanges and user identification into personalized messages. They also collaborated on feeding DCO metrics into a single dashboard, to make the campaign results easier for SFR to understand.

From a technical perspective, ADventori:

  • Handled the automatic formatting of all of the plan’s web and mobile banners.
  • Worked with each space broker to align every format with the technical specs.
  • Ensured the campaign’s creative consistency, regardless of buying mode (special operations, space broker purchases, RTB or Critéo retargeting).
  • Personalized the messages for atypical media, thanks to its compatibility and skills certifications (Yahoo!, MSN and YouTube).
This campaign, based on improved client-message matching, opened up the advertiser’s metrics, allowing it to determine which message had the most impact on which target, cross-reference that measurement with online conversions, and produce a more analytical campaign ROI calculation.

Technological perspective: Inside the pairing of Data and DCO

  1. How it worked
  2. SFR_scheme_process_EN
  3. Step by Step
  1. A user visited
  2. Eulerian Technologies examined the groups of pages visited by users in real time and recognized the visitor.
  3. Eulerian Technologies assigned the user to prospect or customer segments, retrieving the customer’s SFR package and associating it with the user’s navigation cookie and cross-device customer ID.
  4. ADventori and Eulerian Technologies synchronized their identification cookies.
  5. Eulerian Technologies sent the user’s segments to ADventori in real time.
  6. The users visited another website that served ads.
  7. ADventori recognized the user and retrieved the associated data.
  8. ADventori displayed an ad, based on the user’s customer or prospect segment.

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