Acquisition and retargeting campaign in 3 countries (France, Portugal and Spain) to promote flights operated by Transavia.



  • Affinity segments: display of offers according to the identified interests of the Internet user.
  • Weather:

> If the weather is bad: highlight the bad weather conditions and display a destination in the mild weather.

> If the weather is good: random display of top destinations from the nearest airport.


> If simple flight research:

Display of the researched flight(s) as well as related flights for the same departure city.

> If flight research + step forward in the conversion funnel:

Display of the researched flight and the number of remaining seats for this flight.

Data Used

  • User’s location
  • Browser history / Customer journey
  • Product feeds: available flights, prices, dates, remaining seats…
  • Wording and images

User’s location Paris

User’s location Faro

Flight search Paris-Barcelone

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