DCO Enabler Documentation

Create your dynamic banners with ADventori’s DCO Enabler


ADventori is a Data-Driven Creative Ad sever dedicated to personalising, measuring and optimising creative ads. ADventori uses DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization), a solution to personalize data-driven ads. You will find on this page, the way our DCO Enabler work as well as the

specifications and process to follow for each IDE.  

What’s the principle?  

To create dynamic banners in order to personalise and adapt them to each user and his environment.

How does it work?

To transform a static banner into a data-driven dynamic one, a dialogue must be established between creative, data and media. To do so, ADventori has created a tool intended to creative agencies: the DCO Enabler. 

What is the DCO Enabler?

It’s a complete JS library that can be integrated into any classic creative tool (HTML5, Adobe Edge, Google Web Designer…). The DCO Enabler is the link between creative, data and media and therefore turns a static banner into a data-driven dynamic ad. 



How does the DCO Enabler work?

Use only one creative template in an infinite number of ways!
  • For any purchasing strategy 
  • On every device and format:
    • Desktop, mobile / tablet, DOOH
    • Rich ads, skin ads, video, native ads
  • Using any type of data 
Without adding complexity to the trafficking! 
  • Redirection, tracking and trafficking are automated.


How to use the DCO Enabler?



First thing first.

The DCO Enabler can be installed in only

3 lignes of code : easy as a A, B, C!

2.  MAKE IT DYNAMIC Make your banner dynamic in two steps:  •  data initialisation  •  data integration to your creative  And voilà!  


Zip your creative template and upload it

on ADventori’s test page.

Test your banner as if it was displayed online! 


Specifications and process detailed below, choose your own adventure