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CRM Display

One-to-One Campaigns

Why would you communicate the same message to all of your existing and prospective clients, when you can identify them individually and suggest the most appropriate products for them?

The goal of this scenario is to delve deeper into one-to-one relations and to increase the quality and profitability of your advertising.

The first-party data contained in the advertiser’s CRM or extracted from its DMP are immediately usable for personalizing advertising messages. In concrete terms, each of a brand’s customers will see a message about products that they do not own or – better yet – advertising that encourages up-selling, i.e., that redirects them to a superior product category.

For prospects who have visited the advertiser’s website, traffic analytics can recognize them and then suggest the product that they last visited: direct retargeting!

Many advertisers are interested in this approach, but few enjoy the luxury of a DMP. For that reason, ADventori has developed a customized tracking and first-party ad serving solution to make up for that shortcoming and respond to that aspiration. For each campaign, it identifies only those data that are necessary for media exploitation and, therefore, for the personalization of advertising. Without the need to involve the IS team.

ADventori has technological partnerships with a number of DMPs:

  • Krux
  • Eulerian
  • Weborama