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Multivariant Testing

Creation should not be dogmatic

Overcome your own subjectivity and let the users decide.

The scenario Multivariant testing promises the ability to measure creations and their impact in order to fine-tune the perfect message.

Multivariant marketing allows you to:

  • Test your special offers:
    • categories of offers and the product catalogue
    • discount and pricing levels
  • Test your creative intuition:
    • test several variables at the same time: hook, CTA, images, etc.
    • test your creative lines: page layout, tone, length, etc.
    • definitively confirm or refute your creative assumptions
  • Save time:
    • live test and save on pre-launch test studies
    • mid-campaign optimizations
    • identify good practices and adapt them to all your online and offline media

On average, a measured decision has 30% higher returns than one based on human thought.