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To respond to the current web-to-store topics on the market, ADventori developed web-to-store solutions based on geolocation for advertisers and sales houses. Thanks to a dynamic and personalized packaged format – from personalized banners showing the closest point of sale to dedicated landing pages – your DCO web-to-store campaigns are launched in few days. Our dynamic solutions are cross-device, are available in multiple formats as mobile (in-app or web mobile), rich media, video or DOOH.


ADVentori’s drive to store solution

  • A unique format for all digital communications
  • Simplification of the use of data
  • Unification of the local campaigns monitoring insights

Beneficiaries of the solution:

  • Advertisers
  • Trading desks
  • Media agencies
  • Creative agencies

Required data:

  • Point of sales file (1st party)
  • User’s location (ADventori)

Additional data: 

  • Products
  • Price
  • Available inventory

The drive-to-store solution is composed of:

 A display campaign

ADventori enables brands to personalise the advertising banners in real-time, by leveraging all kinds of data.

They now have the opportunity, depending on the user’s location, to display directly in the advertisement the closest point of sale and its distance, its opening hours as well as the ongoing promotions, directly in the advertising. A ready for use carousel module is also available to enable the presentation of several products or point of sales.

ADventori offers ready for use creative models for all formats, whether desktop or mobile: IAB formats, interstitial, native ads, video overlay, skins…

Point of sales video overlay

Point of sales push

Product and point of sales push

 A dynamic landing page

The landing page is a dynamic envelope that gathers the redirects of your campaigns, regardless of whether they are mobile, web or video, which allows a unified control of your conversion funnel.  ADventori’s dynamic landing page is universal, using a unique model adaptable to the brand’s universe. It natively integrates a store locator and a cartography module.

Post click, the user is thus redirected to this responsive landing page, published under the domain name of the advertiser, which provides him with complementary information to the one displayed on the advertising banner: interactive point of sales cartography, detailed itinerary and downloadable coupons for instance.

Landing page with point of sales list module – Desktop / Mobile

Landing page with cartography module – Desktop / Mobile



This dynamic offer provides to roll out DCO web-to-store formats and thus enrich Sales Houses offers to their clients. 

These turnkey campaigns are dynamized according to: 

  • The advertiser’s graphic layout,
  • The information from the point of sale geolocated around the Internet user: address of the point of sale, timetables, contacts, special offers,
  • Dynamic data: geolocation, weather, dates, 1st and 3rd party data.

ADventori proposes ready-to-use DCO banners templates to sales houses: from the store locator banner to the point of sale banner clustering the contacts of the closest points of sale into a product carousel or map-in-banner. 

Your benefits: 

  • Respond to local business challenges for brands, while maintaining national consistency,
  • Significantly reduce campaign launch time, 
  • Generate up-sell on constant inventory.

If you want to learn more about our packaged web-to-store offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.