Creative Lab


The Creative Lab of ADventori brings together all the activity related to advertising creation. We can assist you with both the creative concept and the production of advertising banners.

Our team is made up of talents from specialised backgrounds in the fields of consulting, visual creation and web development.

storytelling: the new creative brief 

ADventori, DCO expert with more than 2500 campaigns to its credit, supports you in developing your campaign scenarios. 100% data-driven, our decision trees deliver personalized messages based on your business rules. They automatically adapt to the user throughout his unique customer journey: from the first impression to a dynamic landing page.

design of digital banners

We build together your digital campaign based on your brand’s graphic layout, your campaign history, your feedback.

ADventori produces your digital creative assets, designed to be dynamic and respond to your campaign scenarios.

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HTML creative production

Our development team produces for you the HTML5 of your banners:
-In static, for all your formats
-In native DCO, either with the ADventori Enabler DCO or for implementation in Google Studio

For more complex projects, we develop for you 100% dynamic meta-templates.

In which case do you need our studio services?

I don’t have the adapted resources

  • You don’t have banners, neither creative agency nor internal resources able to create them.
  • You have a global creative agency, but it doesn’t take in charge digital formats.
  • You don’t have a digital studio.
  • You have the creative assets for your banners but no resources to develop them in HTML5.
  • Rich formats: your studio doesn’t know how to create/ make dynamic rich formats: mobile, skins, video…

I have banners, but they are not dynamic

You already have banners (currently running or not), but you want to modify them to be dynamic in order to:

  • Launch an always-on campaign,
  • Integrate shops/ retailers addresses,
  • Use them for multi-variant testing,
  • Use them for branded retargeting campaigns

We bring :

ico of data base server


Management of every technical aspects is a guarantee of quality.
Banners are technically optimized:
• Respect of best IAB practices on weight, formats…
• Download time
• Cross-browsers & cross-devises compatibility

icon of reusable code


Reusable of HTML5 banners is possible for every campaign’s types.
Creations are in HTML5, contrary to ad builder formats.

icon of expert glasses


Saving time, simplification of the creative working process.
Errors anticipations and most common forget : too big text, missing image flow, weekly pricing update…
Dynamic management, banners and dynamic fields optimized.

icon of computer and a mobile phone


Possibility to decline quickly every formats campaign without multiplicate partners.
Creation of HTML5 ads on each format: IAB, mobile, rich, native ads, video, carrousel…