Ad Format Gallery

In order to support you throughout the creation of your DCO campaigns, ADventori puts at your disposal several creative templates. These templates, integrating pre-dynamised fields, are already at ADventori’s technical specifications (our DCO Enabler is already installed).You will find below different creative templates (static, animated or with a carousel) and different formats ( 300×250, 300×600, 728×90, 160×60…). Do not hesitate to download and use them for your campaigns.Click on the link with the right format to download it. Each file is zipped and contains the following elements:


  • .html and .css files
  • Graphic assets in the img file 
  • dynamisation.js file allowing dynamic features in the creative
  • .js animation file and TweenMax.min.js file in the « lib » folder, running the animated banners.


The static banner is a simple banner composed of a background, a title, a description and a CTA.



The animated banner is a banner composed of many screens with animations, including a background, animated texts and a CTA.



The carousel banner displays products or any kind of offer in a carousel.



Don’t hesitate to visit our Creative Lab page and to contact us to learn more.



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