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ADventori supports you throughout dynamic creation



ADventori, Data-Driven Creative Ad server, allows you to create dynamic digital ads, integrating all types of data, on every format (display, mobile, video, skin ads, etc.). In order to support you throughout the creation of your DCO campaigns, ADventori has published several tools and documentation.  



Live demos & scenarios

Get inspired by our 4 campaign scenarios: weather-sensitive scenario, web-to-store scenario including a dynamic landing page, product retargeting and services retargeting scenarios.

Live test them! You can download every element used in the demos: scenario template, HTML5 banner, data base, etc.

Who is it for? Advertisers, media agencies, creative agencies and banners producers


Create your campaign scenario

How to create your campaign scenario? Which data should you use? How to formalize it? Discover all our tips for the creation original and relevant campaigns.

Who is it for? Advertisers, media and creative agencies






DCO Enabler Documentation — Specifications and process

To learn all about about ADventori’s DCO Enabler: the principle, the way it works, as well as the specifications and the process for every IDE. The documentation will help you during all the stages of the production of dynamic banners with our technology.

Who is it for? Banners producers


Ready to download formats

Download ready-to-use banners integrating ADventori’s DCO Enabler on different formats: 300×250, 728×90, 160×60, animated banner, carrousel, etc.

Who is it for? Media agencies, creative agencies and every banners producers


ADventori University

To support creative agencies in the production of dynamic campaigns, ADventori launched a program of certifying trainings called ADventori University. Get ADventori certified on the use of our techology, the DCO Enabler.

Who is it for? Creative agencies

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