Data-Driven Creative


ADventori is a new generation of adserver, DCO born.


Our technology is dedicated to increasing ad engagement, performance and productivity. By using real-time data, we make communications both relevant for the user and business-effective for the advertiser.

=> With ADventori, you’ll save TIME & MONEY on:

  • Creatives cost production
  • Tracking and trafficking
  • Campaign validation process

=> With ADventori, you’ll earn PERFORMANCE & VISIBILITY

  • By on-boarding creative agencies
  • With deep data operation and control
  • Thanks to overall campaign insights


How to control and improve the effect of every adverts footprint?
Enter real-time-creative with us.

Data-driven funnel


Thanks to our platform, brands can personalise their communication with any real-time data sources. We can also scrap and crawl your web-site with a single tag in real-time. This data combined with pre-defined scenarios will bring your digital ads alive. Landing pages are also dynamically rendered to push your performance even further.


Our aim: cement brand awareness across all devices throughout the thousands of messages delivered, while reducing creative and landing page production costs.




Our job is to integrate data. All data.


Other data: (sports, news,traffic,…)


Browsing history
Price / Promotion
List of retailers
Social media


Turnkey 3rd party
Purchase Intent


DMP publisher
Contents of pages viewed
Native ads
Connected users

Measure ads.

The core of our adserver is creation. Thanks to data and scenarios, creation becomes scalable and measurable, and moves from a dogma to a performance lever. Our adserver shows the performance of each dynamic element, links it to the campaign objectives and raises the most effective ads… as well as highlighting the bad ones!

Advertising exists only to sell something and should be measured by its results. By measuring creation, creative agencies are able to adapt messages and visuals.

Measure more, to do less by being more efficient.


Next gen’ of
Dynamic and open adserving

Serving dynamic elements requires a much smarter technology than serving static ads.

Using customer knowledge, business and situation data, ADventori empowers advertisers, creatives and media agencies to increase digital ad effectiveness by over 30% compared to static campaigns.


Thanks to its proprietary platform, ADventori offers its customers the next generation of adserver:

  • Taking creative decisions in real-time based on all data sources, driven by scenarios defined by you
  • Activating and controlling advertiser data in a separate environment from media buying to ensure data protection
  • Serving ads on all formats, all screens (desktop, video, mobile, DOOH) with all partners, without technological barriers – absorbing complexity
  • Respecting brand image as creative advertising remains central
  • Create value from your DMP by understanding and measuring the role of each message in a campaign
  • Providing new viewability insight, designed to raise visible elements of the ad (message, CTA, sequence, product) more than the ad placement.
  • Enhancing attribution and contribution with a cross-comprehension of the message by both the media investment and viewability

Results along the tunnel funnel



  • Travel: +80% increase in online sales on a pan-European campaign with location-based offers.
  • FMCG: +50% engagement rate on personalized videos vs non personalized
  • Automotive: +60% gain in productivity using dynamic landing pages, web-to-store and lead generation
  • Fashion: +300% CTR on a rich format
  • Real estate: X6 number of leads thanks to location-based messages
  • 20% of the personalized messages of a media plan generated 60% of the conversions




We are MEDIA and DATA neutral, we don’t buy or sell either.

We are truly independent and open: we connect to every technical player in the ecosystem and work with advertisers, media agencies and creative agencies.

We are full service! Our technology is backed by a dedicated team built on individual competencies. We will empower you every step of the way from creating scenarios, to trafficking, monitoring and optimising.


Contact your dedicated country sales department


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