“Programmatic: A challenge for advertising creativity”

” The Programmatic Society“, a program proposed by Michel Juvillier, invites you to hear the voices of those who make up the Programmatic market in France and elsewhere.

Meet Pierre-Antoine Durgeat, Président of ADventori, during the episode:

“Programmatic: A challenge for advertising creativity”

Often considered as a performance tool above all, does programmatic have an impact on the advertising creative, which serves branding ?
Faced with the emergence of data and programmatic, are there new types of organizations and processes that have been deployed within creative agencies ?

Faced with the emergence of all-data in the advertising market, with the “Mad Men” take power at the expense of the “Math Men” ?

With Pierre-Antoine Durgeat (ADventori), Pascal Gaveriaux (Publicis Conseil), Jean-Baptiste Rouet (Publicis Media) and Guillaume Pelletier (Nissan)

Subtitled in English

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