Augmented Services

Scenario and creactive production

Turn your brand strategy into an audience-based conversation.

Creative and funnel optimization

Measure, test, analyze and optimize your funnel, based on every single impression.

Campaign execution

Implement campaign excellence through expertise and automation.

Campaign and creative workflow

Take control of your campaigns ecosystem – both internally and externally.


Scenario and creactive production
  • Merge multiple digital campaigns into one always-on campaign
  • Reduce creative and trafficking costs
  • Automate up to date & perfectly tailored messages
  • Combine strong branding and performance optimization
  • Drive your campaigns with your business priorities and rules

Creative and funnel optimization
  • Build unified and comparable statistics across all strategies and channels
  • Identify most valuable messages and landing-pages per audience
  • Use digital creative insights to enhance offline communication
  • Optimize media plan, identify synergies and contribution across channels by analyzing in-depth granular statistics

Campaign execution
  • Automate campaign tracking, trafficking and creatives
  • Run campaigns in any format, on any screen, with any publisher, without technical barriers
  • Ensure GDPR compliance of campaigns
  • Own the resulting non-biased statistics

Campaign and creative workflow
  • Increase team and partner efficiency by clarifying processes and responsibilities
  • Build a knowledge base of results and good practices
  • Empower your team with real-time updates of creative messages
  • Fully leverage your data and tech stack to optimize your processes and performance

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