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ADventori’s key differentiator is its overlapping vision of creative, data and media. We use our consulting services and the necessary tools to build, analyze and optimize media and creative performance, and understand quickly which areas of your business could benefit from our expertise.

Tracking/Trafficking/GDPR: performance is in the detail

With more than 2,500 DCO campaigns under our belt, our team of engineers and creatives can help you with your ad serving tool, whether it’s ADventori or Google. We aim to make campaign launches more fluid by eliminating errors and inefficiencies.

Our five areas of expertise can help you:

Measure all channels to optimize conversion funnel analysis

Ensure GDPR compliance at every touch point in your campaign

Analyze campaign performance to identify opportunities.

Improve campaign analytics by standardizing tagging plans and mirroring them to a brand’s creative and media strategy

Manage campaign trafficking and tracking, ensuring that each line in a statistical report is useful and easy to read

If you’re an Advertiser:

We can support your campaign needs in the following areas:
• Measurement and analysis strategy
• Deployment of an ad server
• Campaign tracking, trafficking and ad serving

If you’re an Agency:

You can use ADventori’s white-label services to simplify the day-to-day running of online campaigns.

Multivariate testing: identify the best advertising mix for your messages.

We take a scientific approach to offer you the right blend of services for optimizing your digital ads. ADventori combines an automated optimization system with human intelligence for rapid and optimum results.

The key features of ADventori’s scientific approach are:

•Real-time partitioning of web users to perform rigorous testing
• Systematic calculation of a confidence index
• Human decision on proposed optimizations
• Gradual approach to make the most confident decisions quickly.

You will find out the following in real time:

« I want to know and understand »

Identify and analyze the role of the message and impact of the ad in the current campaign.

« I want my campaign to be more effective »

Optimize ads throughout the campaign by using indicators showing any uplift or downlift in performance.

« I want to test allocation and assess contribution »

Set up tests to assess allocation on the channel under study (placebo ad) and measure the impact of the campaign across all channels.

75% of the DCO campaigns run by ADventori undergo multivariate testing. Don’t leave your performance to chance!

Analysis of ad effectiveness: understand the impact on your audience of your advertising messages

Digital advertising is no longer a dogma: it can be measured, optimized and its impact analyzed. Pre- and post-testing are used traditionally in advertising to decide between two creative concepts or understand the strength of an advertising argument and how it affects purchase intent.

Digital media present a new opportunity to conduct these tests. ADventori now offers a new analysis model that combines a connected digital panel with impact studies and audience analysis.

Digital ad pre-testing helps you assess the value of your advertising message and measure its impact on your brand image. You can then kick off your campaign with creative assets that you know are already optimized and tested on your audience.

Over the course of a year during which you will be fully supported, always-on live testing allows you to:

Evaluate your ads in real time using a connected panel and obtain, via a questionnaire, information to help you develop your messages and design your ads.

Compare your purchased audiences with your high-purchase-intent audiences and obtain socio-demographic information; use this to adjust your media buying and understand more about your target buyers and purchase-intent buyers.

Obtain ad/audience cross-referenced data to determine the suitability of the creative message for both target and exposed audiences.

Using the results of this analysis, ADventori helps you answer the following questions:

Does including the point of sale in my advertising have a positive effect on purchase intent?

Is it more effective to display a discount offer as a percentage or a value?

What effect does subscription price have on the motivation to subscribe?

What impact does a particular visual on my banner have over another?

Does including the price on banner ads generate leads?

Does displaying consumer product ratings influence buying behavior?