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ADventori is primarily a team of product and development engineers who are experts in their fields and understand how the digital ecosystem works. In addition to our ad server, we have designed and built the technological building blocks you need, from both an organizational and operational perspective, to implement your sales and advertising policies. After analyzing your situation, we tailor our products to your needs.

You need to:

…Use your business data in your advertising

data hub

Using business and third-party data in advertising has a positive impact on your campaign performance. Being able to present your online customers with the right product or promotion at the right price and at the right address is critical. We can use our technology to help you standardize your data according to your advertising needs.

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…Automate your social media campaigns

social hub

Running DCO campaigns on social media can only be done natively through proprietary platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. As a result, your digital campaign statistics can become complex, sub-optimal and, worse still, uncorrelated. ADventori’s DCO expertise can help you automate, implement and monitor your social media campaigns. Once connected to your data flows, we automatically pre-generate your banners for these environments and your traffic plan. Analyzing social media campaigns becomes simpler.

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…Customize banners to meet your subsidiaries’ advertising needs

Creative Management Platform

Our CMP is for brands that prefer to centralize their creative advertising while allowing their subsidiaries (national, local or multi-local) to tailor the creative content. Subsidiaries can select their own images, text and legal notices, to adapt their DCO campaigns to their own media strategies and business choices, while head office retains overall management responsibility and full control of brand image. Your marketing organization becomes more efficient.

…Customize banners to meet your partners’ business needs

Product Management Platform

Our PMP is aimed at brands looking for ways to support revenue generation locally in their subsidiaries and retail networks by allowing them to choose which offers and products to promote in their advertising. Destocking and promotions can therefore be geared to meet local needs while complying with national business rules.

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