Creative Advertising Technology

We are at the onset of digital advertising second revolution.

For the past 10 years, we, at ADventori, have initiated, enabled and supported the transformation of digital advertising production. The revolution brought on by programmatic media buying, allowing for ever more granular and tactical buying, has enabled the possibility to address unique qualitative messages to each user.

This new opportunity for personalised advertising has generated an infinite complexity in advertising creation and execution.

Icon of a data base server


Automation is the first solution to this exponential complexity. DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimisation) automates creative production: adapting one copy to 20 formats is a repetitive task with no creative value but with a certain cost. This automation of creative production has been received by creative agencies mostly as a threat to their creativity and most certainly to their bottom line.

Digital advertising has not been reduced to automation.  Great digital advertising still requires a “big idea”, the Mad Men stroke of genius.  Nowadays, this flash of genius is supported by data, technology, tracking and also compliance to the law and business rules. Granted, digital advertising creation is not as glamourous as the production of a TV spot but so significantly more performing in terms of audience and results.


Illustration of a light bulb representing the creative technology

Creative Advertising Technology (CAT) combined with programmatic tools are shifting marketing mindsets away from one-to-many to immersive frictionless advertising experiences.  Technology by itself will never replace human creative competencies for “big ideas”, but human creativity elevated with AI and creative adtech will open new horizons.

Combining creative, data and technology has opened up the need for a new expertise. 

At the junction of creative agency, media agency and various tech partners, brands need a partner able to understand its unique challenges and to launch and execute complex campaigns. In a word, a neutral partner to orchestrate campaigns from start to finish with the required expertise to leverage this new creative, data and technology loop for constant optimization.

We are excited to launch with you the new advertising age, the era of Creative Advertising Technology.