Our vision



In its perpetual pursuit of performance, digital advertising is structurally shifting from “one-to-many” communication to “one-to-one.” At the same time, marketers are focusing on the customer experience taking place along multiple points of contact.

Personalisation is a priority, it allows you to:

  • be more accurate in your targeting;
  • be more relevant in your communication;
  • deepen your understanding of your consumers needs; and
  • improve your campaign performances.

This need for personalisation has organically generated other needs, for which the market was not prepared:

  • Include the creative strategy: Creativity;
  • Produce as many banners as messages for all types of devices: Productivity;
  • Have a unified vision of a fragmented ecosystem: Interoperability.



The end goal is a matter of control for each of the players:

  • For media agencies: measure the performance of investments and the quality of the campaign’s service providers.
    The fragmentation of the digital landscape has generated schools of specialists with performances that differ from one medium to the next, from one sector to the next, and from one dataset to the next.

  • For creative agencies: study the impact of each message and the history of each campaign.
    In the digital world, the connection between media and creative were sacrificed on the altar of performance, neglecting the fundamentals of advertising strategy: promoting a brand’s image, creating needs and inspiring wants.

  • For publishers: maintain control over their inventory and their audience.

  • For advertisers: control their multi-channel, multi-lever campaigns and actively protect their business data.

Within this environment, we made the decision to be independent and interoperable with all of the parties involved in a campaign.  This is why we can deliver neutral, open-minded analyses that give everyone the ultimate luxury to achieve their goals: choice. The luxury of being able to choose what, with whom and for whom, on the basis of neutral insights. Paradoxically, it is also the luxury of being able to use data without leakage.

Our three pillars

openness, independence and neutrality – are more than just a philosophy or a position: they are a response to the complexity of the digital market, brought about by walled gardens and a treasure hunt organized by financiers.

Our mission is to be the conduit for these multiple conversations between a brand and its users to maximize their efficiency.

We believe in creativity on digital media.

We believe in transparency.

We believe in data control.

We believe in interconnected technologies.

We believe in the value of smart crowds.

We believe in the value of crowd intelligence.

We believe in fewer ads and greater efficiency.

We believe in advertising.


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