Case studies



  • Acquisition and retargeting campaign, international and multilingual, operated in 8 languages and over 10 countries (from Canada to Australia, via numerous European countries).
  • Desktop, Web-Mobile and In-app
  • Multivariant testing on the banner’s design and on scenarios
  • Used Data: browser history, user location, language, wording and images, opening hours and location of more than 8000 restaurants
  • “Impression level” statistics reports, integrating the acquisition costs



Objectives and challenges 


Internalisation of foodora’s digital strategy, build of a « in house » organisation

The food delivery company has opted for the services of the data-driven creative ad server ADventori and of the DSP The Trade Desk to manage its programmatic campaigns.


foodora’s branding & visual image  

foodora’s brand identity is particularly visual and meant to be easily identifiable, what ever the communication medium or the country. To guarantee the coherence and to capitalize on this strong brand image:

  • The banner’s design has been especially neat
  • The “product” images (the dishes of the different restaurants) are put in the middle of every communication action.

Transparency, measurement and creative performance

The key to this collaboration is ADventori’s ability to provide transparency in the campaign analyses. The ad server is both connected to The Trade Desk – the brand’s DSP – and to its data sources: this allows him to unify creation, data and media, in order to measure the performance of each single impression.



Deployed Solution


Key elements of the campaign:

  • Unified messages across all channels
  • 72304 generated banners from 6 banner templates
  • Restaurant aggregated level reports
  • Weekly integration of additional “data packages” (new restaurants, new countries covered by the brand)

Internal treatment of the information to keep the control of the campaign


From 6 to 72304 – Adventori’s technology generates personalised ads in real-time

ADventori’s technology allows to dynamize advertising banners in real-time, using the user’s and advertiser’s data. The message is thus personalised to each single user, depending on his language, his location or his customer journey.

Information relating to more than 8000 restaurants (images, location, opening hours) are used to feed the content of the ad banners. From 6 banner templates, thousands of personalised ads have been generate depending on the user’s location and the available user data.


Multivariant testing – The continuous improvement of the communication mechanism

Matching each line of the media plan, campaign scenarios have been served and tested. Mutli-variant testing are operated continuously, to optimise both creation and advertising pressure. As a result, foodora has been able to greatly increase the relevance of its communication, combining branding and performance for both acquisition and retargeting.




Results and benefits


Static vs dynamic: cost reduction and turnover increase

The performance of the dynamic banners has been significantly improved in comparison with previous campaigns. A global monitoring of the campaign’s KPIs also enabled to optimise media spends:

  • 37% CTR increase after only 2 weeks.
  • 14% average CPA decrease over all involved countres

Production costs have also been substantially impacted as 6 creative masters were sufficient pout the whole international communication on the brand.

The collaboration between ADventori and The Trade Desks, both reporting to the brand, allowed to increase and to fine-tune media performances related to each acquisition channel. The tracking and the trafficking of the campaign was also dynamic and operated by ADventori: the production launch has also been facilitated and the tracking costs have been reduced.


Neutrality and transparency: control and execution speed

Through the cooperation between foodora and the ad server ADventori, the advertiser’s teams have been trained to the implementation of dynamic ad campaigns. This internal know-how will allow more agility in the execution of coming campaigns.

The dynamic ad serving features enabled enhanced statistic reports: The analysis is “full funnel” and predefined to post-view and post-viewable strategies and post-click conversions. The measure is defrauded, enriched with viewability and related to conversion.