The E.Leclerc campaign was part of the nationwide campaign « – who is the less expensive », designed with a Drive to Store objective.

By using the advertisers product feed, we were able to show real-time prices from competitor retailers, demonstrating that E.Leclerc is the best value department store in the area.


  • Display – banner displaying the nearest store as well as the nearest competitor prices. An interactive graphic presents the competition’s logo and information.
  • Mobile – Mobile app install campaign using the same dynamic elements than display.
  • Video – the creative agency produced a digital dedicated 15’’ pre roll interactive video. The voice Over is personnalised based on user location. The final frame shows the interactive graphic which is automatically completed based on the user’s location and competition prices & logos.

Data used

  • User’s location
  • Nearest E.Leclerc store + nearest competitors stores
  • After the click, the user is redirected to the selected store page on
  • Advertiser feed (price/logo/amount of tested products/dates of the tests/competitors location/prices percentage increase)
  • Interactive graphic based on this information

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