Campaign Basic-Fit


Basic-Fit web-to-store acquisition campaign using two video formats broadcast natio RTB on open web inventory.


Based on the web user's geolocation, the nearest Basic-Fit club is displayed within the video, on an end screen with address tagging, from a portfolio of 765 active clubs throughout France.

The campaign is managed on a "cost-per-view" basis (100% video viewing).

Picto poing serré Results: The CTR uplift between a video with address tagging and a generic video without using the surfer's geolocation is +12.5%. The percentage difference in Completion Rate highlights a significant improvement in engagement for the video with address tagging, recording an increase of +10.3% compared to the video without address tagging. This data suggests that the use of geolocation has helped to increase viewer retention, delivering improved performance in terms of complete video viewing.

Data used

Advertiser data : list of Basic-Fit clubs

DCO banners

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