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A brand-new dynamic landing page has been developed to simplify the path taken by Internet users interested in Dacia offers. It retrieves and displays all product-related elements (USP presentation, 3D vehicle, stock display, presentation of the offer associated with the vehicle) while retaining the local dimension, with attribution to the dealership clearly identifiable both by the user and by media performance measurement.


As soon as the user clicks on one of the "Discover the new Dacia range" banners displaying the nearest sales outlet, he is redirected to a landing page where the essentials of the range are displayed. Thanks to his geolocation, the list of dealerships closest to him appears. By selecting a dealership, a descriptive landing page is displayed, prompting the user to book a test drive, check available stock at the dealership, or view other offers.

Its structure, developed in "Single Page Application", also allows for a modular approach to design, offering multiple possibilities for combination and A/B testing of different structures according to the scenario followed by the surfer.

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Advertiser data : offers, stocks

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