Campaign SNCF


Campaign by SNCF RH to promote specific positions for the SNCF in mainland France.


In order to promote certain skilled positions for which the SNCF is having difficulty recruiting, SNCF RH has set up a campaign via Figaro Média to highlight these jobs according to the web surfer's geographical area.

In order to target the right people, a breakdown of the audience is made with the agency, to separate web surfers into 7 different segments. Depending on their category, they are offered the jobs most likely to interest them.

The banners display a rotation of up to 3 different jobs per city, with a CTA allowing direct access to the offer in question.

Data used

Wording & Visuals
Advertiser data: SNCF RH feed (job name, job city, redirection link, etc.)
User data : Location

DCO banners

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