DCO – Dynamic Creative Optimization

Measure, understand and improve
each campaign!

DCO is a native feature of ad serving. Connected to data and campaign rules, your digital communications are real-time, data-driven, personalised and audience-based. Keep full control and full visibility of your campaigns.

DCO Ad serving

Your DCO campaigns are setted up within your ad server,
depending on your own choice:

In house ADventori ad server

Google Campaign Manger and Google Studio

data: the essence of your campaigns

Here are some examples of data you can use to customize the content of your ads:

icon of a compass


Other data:
sports, news, traffic …

icon of a zeplin


Browsing history
Price / Promotion
List of retailers
Social media

icon of users


Media strategy
3rd-party DMP
Customer journey
Semantic data

icon of publishers


DMP publisher
Contents of pages viewed
Native ads
Connected users

ADventori’s benefits:

Illustration of the web-to-store concept

For your web-to-store strategies, ADventori offers a very advanced DCO technology that masters and integrates the fundamentals of geolocation in display and mobile.

illustration of contextualization concept

Test all the assets of your campaigns! ADventori systematically applies its scientific multi-variant testing protocol, allowing you to assess the performance of your messages.

ADventori’s exclusive offer: contextualization
ADventori has built partnerships with many publishers so you can integrate contextualization data into your campaign scenarios.
No more carpet bombing! Personalize your ads in real-time based on the content of the page visited by the user.

personnalization: unlimited and at scale

Our technology turns your digital creation into a completely dynamic HTLM 5 structure, designed to deliver automatically thousands of messages…  All digital formats are supported to ensure a perfect consistency of your communication along each customer journey.  It also guarantees the respect of your brand image on all channels and all touchpoints. Our DCO technology supports all IAB display formats (standard and rich) as well as native ads, mobile (and responsive) formats, emailing, video (overlay or in-screen) or audio-ads.

We connect your creative assets to data and to scenarios you have predefined.

Thanks to DCO, you will go from managing and trying to connect individually developed and deployed campaigns to managing one always-on campaign offering a more cohesive customer journey. Additionally, DCO will automate every update on this campaign, will have drastically reduced creative costs and efficiently streamlined trafficking.

Illustration of monitoring glasses


Not only dynamic creatives are connected to your data and your media plan, but they are also finely reported in your campaign reports. Our technology can provide you with custom scans and attributions for each scenario played at each impression. Thanks to our site trackers, all the events of the campaign are recorded, offering global and centralized ad monitoring.