Campaign Jouéclub


Retargeting and drive-to-store campaigns for Christmas.


2 campaigns were deployed with different scenarios:

Retargeting campaign: The banner displays the last product consulted, based on available stocks in the store linked to the surfer. The product feed is updated in real time.
Geolocation campaign: In a drive-to-store approach, the banner displays the closest point of sale to the surfer, based on his or her geolocation among 233 stores.

Picto poing serré Result: the difference in CTR percentage between a retargeting banner with address tracking and a generic retargeting banner is +33.33%. This suggests that the address-based retargeting banner generated a click-through rate 33.33% higher than the generic retargeting banner.

Data used

Products catalog
Advertisers’ data: wording
List of points of sale

DCO banners

picto mégaphone

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