Campaign Renault


DCO acquisition campaign in native France in partnership with BeOp to dispel preconceived ideas about electric cars and promote the new Renault ZOE electric model.


Once the user is geolocated, the banner displays the nearest dealer. Various questionnaires on preconceived ideas about electric cars have been prepared.

picto cible If the answer is correct, the button will be displayed in green, otherwise in red. Once the answer has been validated, a small explanatory text appears below the two buttons.

  • True/False quiz on preconceived ideas in general.
  • Multiple-choice quiz on common misconceptions.
  • Carousel quiz with a single question and answers based on preconceived ideas.

picto cible Carousel quizzes on themes specific to electric cars (charging, cost, range), with a video running in the background: whatever the answer, an image will be displayed with an explanatory text.

Once the questionnaires have been completed, a message appears, giving the user the percentage of correct answers and the address of the nearest dealership. Then, a call-to-action redirects the user to the Renault website showing ZOE stocks in the dealership that was displayed on the creative.

Data used

Concession data: addresses, contact details
Advertiser data : wording & visuals

DCO banners

picto mégaphone

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