Case study Disneyland Paris


Creation of a customized SaaS CMP enabling creative and media strategies to be managed by Disneyland Paris teams.
Some 30 campaigns launched over 12 months, on 4 strategies in 12 countries, for 2 billion DCO impressions, with complete autonomy thanks to a connected, scalable CMP.
A meta-template integrating all of Disneyland's creative combinatorics, enabling all scenarios and strategies to be played.
Campaign launch time of 48 hours.
Work autonomously with Disney's creative and media teams to create, launch and manage the content and distribution of their operations.


Disneyland Paris (DLP) has entrusted ADventori with the organization, operation and supervision of its Display campaigns since 2022, as well as the creation of a customized self-service CMP to enable its teams to create, manage and distribute these operations.

From its offices in France, DLP steers and deploys its strategies in the EMEA markets.

Coordination between in-house creative and media teams.
Campaign launches in 14 countries with a strong media mix to promote DLP offers.

The brand, a global player in the entertainment industry, needs to be able to regularly offer Internet users innovative content, in line with their geographic location, profile, navigation and language. The banners produced integrate qualitative elements from the many Disney universes, optimized for web and mobile browsing within a clearly defined legal framework.



Objectives and challenges

The brand, which is world-renowned in the leisure and entertainment sector, faces multiple and complex communication challenges:

  Adapting to local and global issues: the park must adapt its communications to reach the different markets (EMEA) in which it operates and their specific segments (families, young adults and international visitors...), using communication strategies tailored to each group.

In addition, although part of a global brand, Disneyland Paris must also take into account the cultural, economic and social specificities of its European location.

As a leader in the entertainment sector, Disneyland Paris must offer Internet users innovative and varied communication strategies and media.

Avoid advertising tiredness, caused by using the same creative assets over and over again. Communicate effectively on new shows, attractions or seasonal events to attract repeat visitors and new customers.

Highlighting its hotel portfolio, comprising 7 establishments, with a strong ROI challenge, price and availability flows that are used to drive complex yield management.

Advanced tracking, reporting, attribution and profitability measurement requirements, with complex calculation algorithms that analyze the value created for each scenario branch. This enables them to manage their existing strategies as precisely as possible, but also to test and learn new models.

And finally, promoting the Disney Magic: Disneyland Paris must effectively communicate the "magic" of the Disney experience, highlighting the unique attractions, shows and experiences available in the park. As a cultural icon, Disneyland Paris must maintain and promote a positive brand image.

It's for all these reasons that Disneyland Paris and ADventori work together, in a 100% made-to-measure ecosystem, centered around a CMP and daily support for teams.


Creation of the Creative Management Platform

Based on a set of specifications provided by DLP, ADventori developed a tailor-made CMP in which creative and media teams work together to create and manage campaigns.

Creation of DCO masters

Based on mock-ups validated by DLP's creative team, ADventori designed a meta-template, a scalable HTML5 master, which can be used to play all dynamic or static scenarios.

Campaign setup on the ADventori ad server

Transcription of the decision tree on our DCO adserver, connection of the CMP, provision of media validation pages to teams for campaign acceptance. Creation and sharing of customized live reports to enable DLP teams to manage their campaigns. Update setup to reflect new strategies.

Trafficking and campaign monitoring

Monitor campaigns on a day-to-day basis, to ensure that any technical problems are quickly resolved, and that the tags installed on the site provide the data needed to manage their campaigns. Support DLP in the deployment and management of their new operations.


Training of DLP teams in the use of existing tools and processes.


In collaboration with DLP teams, we carry out tracking missions to improve the metrics available to them, enabling them to better manage the profitability of their campaigns. We work not only on attribution, but also on KPIs such as RET windows, sales generated, media costs...

Deployed Solutions

Development of a creative campaign management platform: the Creative Management Platform

DLP and ADventori have collaborated to set up a Creative Management Platform enabling Disney's creative and media teams to work autonomously on a common tool for creating DCO banner ads and managing media strategy.

A tailor-made, self-service SaaS platform comprising three components:

1/ Project management

  • Creation and editing of creative sets
  • Creation of backups of generated banners
  • Access to GSS for bulk modification
  • Access to validation page

2/ Creative Library

  • Includes all creative sets / markets / messages
  • Sharing module for validation by local teams
  • Editing module: Text - Offer - ML - CTA - Style - Position ...

3/ Decision Tree

  • Activation or deactivation of messages by audience
  • Application of share of voice by scenario branch

Implementation of a creative automation strategy

Based on DLP's 4 media strategies, and linked to the CMP for control purposes, the creation of a meta-template, coupled with a library of frames, enabling the brand to play out all scenarios.

Deployment of an advanced Yield Management strategy using real-time availability and price data on banners based on the Disneyland Paris price calendar.

Customization of banners with cultural, economic and social specificities linked to markets and segments, enabling markets to push the offer most in line with local expectations.

Highlighting the many universes and themes of the Disney group: Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney ...

The use of travel data to identify people with an appetite for travel.

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